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Status Update December 8, 2009

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Oh hey guys! Just want to let you know that I am going to be taking a little break from Generation You. Just a little one I promise! I am writing over at BostInnovation. It is a young and fun tech blog covering the start up scene in Boston.

I’ll return to Generation You once I get me my feet on the ground over there.

Thanks for staying loyal!


Why Your Ego Is Driving Us Crazy November 19, 2009

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I have stayed quiet about this for quite sometime. I bit my tongue every time I saw a tweet or read a blog post that oozed a narcissistic ego. It’s cool, you follow forty people and have six hundred followers that deserves a pat on the back. You have thirty-five friend requests over at Facebook? Job well done sir. Except not. You are screaming out “I want to be listened to, I don’t want to listen to you.”

You’re teaching me everything I don’t want to be.

There are certain people’s egos who I ignore, because quite frankly they’re doing things that warrant an ego. There’s only one person who I can think of where that’s the case.

And no, if you admit to your egotistical ways it doesn’t make it any better. Egos are a huge turn-off. I don’t want to be your girlfriend if we are only talking about you. I don’t want to be your friend if you think the world revolves around you.

Unfortunately, social media breeds big egos. I love twitter, it’s a great resource. But, think about it you get to send YOUR thoughts out there. In turn people praise YOU and YOUR thoughts. C’mon every time you get an @ reply or retweet don’t you get a little ego boost? I do.

I keep it in perspective though. If people take the time to follow me, engage with me, read my blog, compliment me, and tell me I am God’s greatest creation (kidding on that last one). Then they deserve something in return. No, they don’t deserve it, they are worth it.

So easy there killer with the awesomesauce. Remember, you got 1,035 followers (who’s counting) because of us.

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The Manifesto of Your Perspective October 26, 2009

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The 6th Annual Blog Swap is going on over at 20 Something Bloggers and I was partnered with Kelvin Oliver who blogs over at Moments in Time. Interested in a manifesto? Kelvin’s writing about it here, enjoy!

I realized that this blog is called Generation You within the title is the noun you.. So I imagine that what Jennie writes relates to you. Whether she is talking about social media or the skills that employers are looking for in the young crowd and even if she is sharing her opinion about an issue that she is passionate about, it may relate to the generation that includes you. I imagine that there are many conversations that may spark from Jennie writers and the comments that readers leave on here. Keeping in mind with what I have said so far, I had to think about how I wanted to write a post for the 6th 20SB Blog Swap. So I have decided to write about having a manifesto.

A manifesto can be written for different reasons whether it is a goal to life, or if there is a need for a change, and even if its something that help us political wise. The manifesto, in general, can motive in some way or another to expand our ideas and broaden the horizon of building a better society and change communities to reach for the goal of teamwork. A manifesto can be a plan to change our view of the world, a document that will allows everyone to get up and do something about an issue that is very important in their lives.

For example, in this country, on a broaden perspective that are goals and documents set out to help everyone near and far. There are also plans that are more personally and sought out on a smaller scale. These documents may be written out by a person, a group of people, or they can be written out for a business. This compact is something that is called a manifesto. A manifesto can be written for different reasons whether it is a goal to life, or if there is a need for a change, and even if its something that help us political wise. It is important that we have some sort of plan to what we want to have in life and how we feel about our society.


The Campfire Network August 30, 2009

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“Not just s’more stories, but conversations.”

Catch your attention? That’s right my friend Thom and I are bringing something to blogging that’s out of the ordinary; we get to be apart of something that Thom calls “an experiment in social psychology.” Sounds like a huge deal? It’s actually even cooler then it sounds. What we’re encouraging you to do is ask questions of each other; deep and quirky questions. None of this 25 things you don’t know about me business (we’ll leave that to Facebook).Hopefully these questions we’ll inspire conversation and get us thinking. This goes beyond an interview, guys it get’s personal, but in a good way. The best way to explain this is to show by example. Here are the questions I asked Thom from Ransom Note. They’re beautifully and thoughtfully answered (sorry to sound so girly Thom).

What relationship is the most important to you at this point in time?
I had to think about this one for a few minutes. It’s hard to say which relationship I consider most important to me right now. I think about what’s important to me in general, trying to find my way into a new career and likewise a new life. Hence, the most important relationship would be the one that gets me to that point.Then I think about which relationship I would drop everything for. All things the same, my most important relationship would probably my parents; the people I rely on for emotional and professional support.

Do you have an idea of what your destined to become? Yes, what is it? No, why not?
I was actually having this conversation with my brother the other day, namely if I believe in destiny. We had decided that we believe in a sequence of events that are beyond control, which could be interpreted as fate or destiny. That said, it’s really hard to admit what i think the future holds for me. I hope there’s love, adventure, and success. My horoscope say I’ll be severing a tie to the past soon. Hopefully that leads somewhere.

If you could be on only ONE social networking/media site what would it be and why?
That’s a tough one. If I had to choose a networking site, it would be Linkedin. It’s the one that’s been the most helpful recently. Social media site- I would choose either Stumbleupon or Hulu. One is great for catching up on the shows I’ve missed, the other is fun to use to discover interesting sites. I’ve found some pretty helpful things in the past as a result of Stumbleupon.

When you’re people watching (c’mon we all do it) who catches your eye?
I like watching people that see like they have a great back story. There’s a older Asian man that walks around my neighborhood every day at the same time in the afternoon. He’s never with anyone, but looks as if he used to make this trek with someone in the past, and now it’s more a force of habit.
I image years ago, this man really didn’t like going for walks, but his wife did, who was never very good with directions. She would get confused sometimes. So like any good husband, he walked with her. Accept one late afternoon, he and is wife got in a fight, and he refused to walk with her. Saving face, she left to go walk by herself. An hour or two past and she still wasn’t back which worried him a bit. By 9:00, the man thought enough was enough and went out to look for her. He walked the usual route, but could find her. It was around 10:30 before the man got back home where he saw two police officers standing at the door of their little apartment. It was dark and his wife was crossing the street when a car turned the corner into their neighborhood. Being a petite lady, the car couldn’t see her until it was too late. Now, the old man walks that same route with his head down kind of as his own person albatross.
I have stories like this for a few people around the neighborhood.

Superwoman or Cat Woman?
I’m a cat woman fan. She has a better story, better costume, plus I like brunettes. I like how all the Batman characters are aspects of himself; like the Penguin is a millionare gone bad, the Joker is the antithesis of Batman. Cat Woman would be the feminate form of Batman. That’s cool to me.

I felt this commercial depicted something “catching on fire,” in this sense it being Lance Armstrong and cycling. So want to join the Campfire Network, answer some questions like these and more importantly ask questions like these, well then in the words of Nike; “Just do it.”


July 23, 2009

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Teenagers often get a bad rap, but this one proves em’ all wrong May 31, 2009

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“Once, I drove a normal looking teenager from the airport to downtown toronto in my taxi. for an hour he asked me questions and we talked about my life my family everything. When we arrived he asked what the biggest tip Id ever recieved was. i told him $80. He gave me a $100 tip and walked off. GMH”

I wouldn’t expect for everyone between 13-20 to give $100 tips, but just being respectable will shock and overwhelm people with happiness. I’ve worked in the retail industry for five years, so I’ve been on both sides of the “counter” and we LOVE it when your beyond nice to us (we remember it).



Brain Gain: The underground world of “neuroenhancing” drugs May 20, 2009

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“A young man I’ll call Alex recently graduated from Harvard. As a history major, Alex wrote about a dozen papers a semester. He also ran a student organization, for which he often worked more than 40 hours a week; when he wasn’t on the job, he had classes. Weeknights were devoted to all the schoolwork that he couldn’t finish during the day, and…”

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