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Boy! You’re Drinking Out of a BPA Free Bottle…I May Have a Crush! October 15, 2009

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As a college student I know I am supposed to be “green.” I mean we’re a bunch of environmental loving, hippies, right? The problem is, college students are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. I’ll be the first to admit that I am downright lazy when it comes to things like recycling. I mean the climate change isn’t going to effect me that much right? My grandchildren will probably be the first one’s to suffer. That’s the problem right there!

I want you to put yourself in your grandma and grandpa’s shoes. Yes, put yourself in those ugly, white tennis shoes. Imagine yourself sitting on your LazyBoy reclining chair and watching your grandchildren play…inside. That’s right your grandchildren won’t be able to play wiffleball or play house outside. Instead they’ll be trapped in the confines of your house.

Ok, now come back to reality and leave your grandparent’s shoes for 50 years down the road. Look, climate change and damage isn’t going away, but if you want to have the opportunity to send your your little grandson, Sam out to play here’s a a few things YOU can do to make that happen.

1) Drinking bottled water isn’t cool anymore. I mean from Wal Mart to the freakin’ laundromat they sell cool water bottles. I know they’re a pain and we actually have to turn the faucet on and fill them up. Think about how hip everyone is going to think you are? Drinking out of that snazy Nalgene. Speaking from a girl’s perspective; guys if your drinking out of non-plastic water bottle I will totally want to date you. If your insisting on drinking out of those plastic bad-boys, then please walk five feet to the nearest recycling bin and dispose of them there.

2) Alright we all drive, but the newness of your license probably wore off like 6 years ago. Guys, just don’t idle your car! If your waiting for your friend to pick up your taco from the local joint downtown, just turn the engine off.

3) Now since I am total geek I have to include a technology suggestion in here. Generation Y especially, goes through cell phones and iPods like they’re underwear. Just don’t throw them away. Like you would with the plastic water bottle, find a recycling center for you cell phones and computers. Here’s a website to help you with that: See guys I got your back.

Alright, let’s work on this together. I’ll try really hard not be a hypocrite and take my own suggestions. Let me know how your doing and feel free to add any of your own suggestions.

**This post is for Blog Action Day 2009. The topic is climate change!