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Why Your Ego Is Driving Us Crazy November 19, 2009

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I have stayed quiet about this for quite sometime. I bit my tongue every time I saw a tweet or read a blog post that oozed a narcissistic ego. It’s cool, you follow forty people and have six hundred followers that deserves a pat on the back. You have thirty-five friend requests over at Facebook? Job well done sir. Except not. You are screaming out “I want to be listened to, I don’t want to listen to you.”

You’re teaching me everything I don’t want to be.

There are certain people’s egos who I ignore, because quite frankly they’re doing things that warrant an ego. There’s only one person who I can think of where that’s the case.

And no, if you admit to your egotistical ways it doesn’t make it any better. Egos are a huge turn-off. I don’t want to be your girlfriend if we are only talking about you. I don’t want to be your friend if you think the world revolves around you.

Unfortunately, social media breeds big egos. I love twitter, it’s a great resource. But, think about it you get to send YOUR thoughts out there. In turn people praise YOU and YOUR thoughts. C’mon every time you get an @ reply or retweet don’t you get a little ego boost? I do.

I keep it in perspective though. If people take the time to follow me, engage with me, read my blog, compliment me, and tell me I am God’s greatest creation (kidding on that last one). Then they deserve something in return. No, they don’t deserve it, they are worth it.

So easy there killer with the awesomesauce. Remember, you got 1,035 followers (who’s counting) because of us.

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8 Responses to “Why Your Ego Is Driving Us Crazy”

  1. cheila Says:

    DAAAUMM! ” He got a huge ego, ha-ha-ha”. Girl you read my mind. U swear you & Carlos are in my head lately. Egos are definitely a huge turnoff. Yes, you are awesomesaurus Rex like my lil sister says. You are worthy all kinds of praising. I’ll say it now and ill say it again…..I’m so grateful we connected. 🙂 Wow, those two last paragraphs gave me chills! I think I know who you are referring to. Amazing post girl!

  2. jenniewhite Says:

    Glad you liked it. We are in each others head, what can I say? Egos are my biggest turn off. I truly believe you are so much more qualified and awesome if your humble. Do great things, come up with a million dollar idea and make it happen, but please don’t brag about it.

    I kind of blended three or four people together on this post. If they hooked up their babies would be so ridiculously egotistical. It wouldn’t even be funny. I do have some specific people in mind…

  3. VERY well said J. It’s almost ridiculous how people take Social Media and blogging and let it get to their heads. I love my blog, love the community I continue to establish, love the connections I’ve made online that have led to friendships offline – but come on. I told a couple “offline” people about the little “argument” over @ Carlos’ place yesterday and they just laughed. It sounds so ridiculous when you take a step back and really think about it.

    Having a lot of Twitter followers and writing a cool blog post doesn’t warrant you a big ego – get out there and actually do something that people will respect – that’s what I try to do – sometimes successfully and sometimes not – every day.


    • Jennie Says:

      Matt- That comment written about you really upset me. I am glad you see the humor in it though, it shows you’re confident.

      How great is it having friends who aren’t bloggers, don’t tweet, and aren’t immersed in the social media “scene”? They always help me keep it real and keep me grounded. They could care less how many Twitter followers I have, actually they probably have no idea what that even means.

      You’re doing great things which is why I respect you so much. Keep up the good work.

  4. Now this is a rant I can support! – There are way to many Kanye West wannabe’s running around on social networking sites. I know that there are some people on social networking sites with egos who still communicate effectively with their fans.

    An example is – Chad Johnson a Wide Reciever in the NFL – @OGOchocinco… He only follows a select few but he has no problem tweeting back at people or even taking 100 of his fans to go see a movie. I don’t have a problem with celebs not following me back; If they followed everyone they’d get direct messages everyday about non-sense. But I do have a problem with people using these social networking tools NOT to engage or participate in the conversations.

    The key word in social media is – SOCIAL – If your not using it to be social then you shouldn’t be using it.

    • Jennie Says:

      I totally should have referenced Kanye in that post, ahh Kanye… he has the ego of all egos.

      I agree with you on the celebrity thing, they would be harassed if they followed everyone back. The fact, that they are responding and engaging is the important thing.

      People just need to put things into perspective. Your follower count means nothing in real life. I don’t walk down the street, spot a cute guy and think hmm I wonder how many followers he has on Twitter. The more readers, friends, followers you have is awesome…online.

  5. I only have 60 followers and most of them are wannabe porn stars who want to me to click on their web cam. So my ego is in check.

    • jenniewhite Says:

      Your ego is TOTALLY in check and your blog is sweet. Sorry about the wannabe porn stars. Now that I am thinking about it, they might want to read this post. They might have some pretty big egos… you never know.

      Here’s to keeping our egos in check! Cheers!

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