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When Your Facebook is TMI (Too Much Information) November 3, 2009

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You know those friends of yours on Facebook who have such awkward statuses that you know you should “hide” them, but you just can’t? They make you feel so uncomfortable, yet it’s become a total conversation piece with your best friends. Catch my drift? So far my (real life) friends and I have witnessed people’s break up statuses, pregnancy announcements, bodily functions, drunken ramblings, painful to do lists, meals, oh and who they just slept with.

So when does it go to far? Why do we post these insignificant blurbs. Because, we’re all attention hungry, dying for the infamous “like” or comment. We do it to feel loved and to spread our awesomeness. I’ll admit, I throw the occasional status update out there. They come in handy and I do love that like button. I do it in moderation, my daily musings, thoughts, and findings are reserved for Twitter. Facebook gets a status from me about once or twice every two weeks.
Facebook statuses have become a key component in the networking site. There are 45 million statuses a day. Yeah I’ll give you that, they’re a big deal. Think about it though, do you really want to share with your 700 friends that your boyfriend is a total scumbag? Share things that you think will add value to people’s mini-feed/live-feed/news-feed/whatever they’re calling it today. Share things that are funny, send the occasional shout-out to your bff, share causes you believe in, congratulate people, let people know what’s exciting about your life.

Oh yes and it is totally mandatory to somehow make your status reference to your birthday on your birthday. Once Facebook moved the birthdays down to the bottom, our “happy birthday” wall posts took a major beating. My crush from the 9th grade no longer wishes me happy birthday, but I might just have a chance if I hint to it in my status.

Guys, our pictures, favorite movies, and relationship status are all up on Facebook for the world to see. Is it really necessary for our latest drunken escapades to be plastered up there as well? Remember, our moms our on Facebook now. Yeah, things just got real awkward.

Are you a compulsive status updater? Then defend yourself here, I want to get your side of the story.

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25 Responses to “When Your Facebook is TMI (Too Much Information)”

  1. Kelvin Says:

    Hey. I liked this post. Every day, through the day, people status gets updated. I try not to updated my like constantly, but whenever I feel like making some sort of status. Usually those are how I feel and what I think about different things in life. Other sometimes something random. I’m not quite the Facebook addict, but I’m on there throughout the day and other times it is just gets tabbed and go about my happy way. Sometimes it is good that we can hide things with a click of a button. Other times it isn’t good when Facebook keeps changing.

    • nomoretmi Says:

      Kelvin, I agree with you that status messages are annoying lot of times and sometimes they are nice but it’s difficult to filter out status messages you like and you don’t like from your Facebook page. This problem was inception thought for nomoreTMI. nomoreTMI intends to get rid of TMI (Too Much Information) from your Facebook updates and give you the information that you are looking for.

      Also, if you are not a regular Facbook user then you will find “historical top stories” functionality very useful.

      Please see the product video at: and let me know your thoughts.

  2. Megyn Says:

    that was funny but is very true. I dont post my personal business on twitter….in my opinion,that is tmi!

    • nomoretmi Says:

      Megyn, that’s true. If everybody on Facebook thinks like that then there will be no TMI :). You can’t control people’s actions but you can surely filter out their TMI through my application nomoreTMI. nomoreTMI intends to get rid of TMI (Too Much Information) from your Facebook updates and give you the information that you are looking for.

      I need your feedback and support before I launch the project in public, please visit my project link at: and let me know your thoughts.

  3. I think (hope) that the purpose of Facebook is changing. It used to be a secret site for college kids, but as I grow older I’d love to use it for more professional purposes. The platform is robust – I want to see more than drunken college pictures, because while those are fun, they just aren’t that relevant in the end.

  4. jenniewhite Says:

    @Kelvin- I am not saying people should stop updating their statuses all together. I am suggesting it be a good idea to add a filter to what they’re putting out for all of their “friends” to see. I think you’ve got the right idea when it comes to Facebook, keep checking in throughout the day, but don’t stay on the entire day!

    @Monica- I am fascinated with how much Facebook has changed over the past years. I got on it when I was in high school. Now, I find myself using it as a resource for events around the city, following brands I like, and sharing interesting content I find on the Internet. I think Facebook is what you make of it. If people want it to be about their drunken escapades, then we can’t stop them. In the end it’s their loss. Do you think Facebook will eventually become strictly professional? Will the people who are using it as a platform to broadcast their drunken escapades, breakups, etc. loose interest?

  5. Mike Says:

    Status updates are for attention, pure and simple. They’re a way to stay relevant in people’s psyche without having to form a direct message or community. It’s kind of a joke when you think about it since the very act of posting one has you show up on all manner of feeds, regardless of the importance of what you have to say. It’s not an effective way to communicate, but it does keep you in people’s heads.

    It’s for this reason that I update my status everyday, typically with lyrics from the most recently played song on my iTunes. It’s all BS, so why shouldn’t I have some fun while reaping the benefits?

    • jenniewhite Says:

      And you know what? They do stay relevant in our psyches, look I just wrote a blog post and included some of the most memorable statuses I’ve seen. Their statuses keep us talking about them, even if we’re making fun of them. I agree with you, if you can’t beat em’ join em. I happen to approve of song lyrics in statuses (I’ve found some pretty awesome music that way).

  6. Cheila Says:

    Wow, You read my mind. I was actually thinking about this last week when you mention how people were updating their status to **Yawn** or **Blinking*. I use to be a frequent status updater, but realized how annoying it was. Especially statuses that had no meaning to anyone. Now I cut down to one per week or two. I have to agree with you that people have such awkward statuses that you know you should not even post them. I saw the other say, one of my “friends” updated her’s to ” Going to the GYN. Hope I didn’t catch an STD’s this weekend”. That was the craziest status I’ve ever heard!

    Great point of view. I totally agree with you.

  7. jenniewhite Says:


    Our conversation was actually part of the inspiration behind this post. When the two of us came across the yawn and blinking status I knew something had to be done! You’re right that OBGYN status just hit the highest level of awkward. Before you know it people are going to tell us when they’re going to the bathroom, that will be horrible. Thanks for the comment girl, talk to you soon! Oh and come to Boston!

  8. Blondie Says:

    I try to be funny in mine, like “Sorry for thinking you were in costume when you were in your regular clothes.”

    I don’t think the pregnancy information is too much info in any way. A miscarriage announcement, or divorce proceeding details, are certainly too much information. I’ve hid a LOT of crap from FB, or as I like to call it, Fecebook. Quizzes and games should NOT BE ALLOWED to show up in my newsfeed.

    • jenniewhite Says:

      You don’t think documenting your pregnancy is TMI? Interesting. But before Facebook, no one was publicizing their pregnancies for all of their friends to see. I view pregnancy as something personal, but to each her own.

      Fecebook, huh? That’s a first. Funny though! Quizzes and games are extremely annoying. News flash, no one cares what you scored on the are you “hot or not” quiz. Chances if you’re taking it, your not hot. Kidding.

  9. Janie Says:

    interesting blog – I have just recently escaped from myself RE status updating. I had my heart broken mid October, and went through a crazy phase of updating my status, well, a lot. Still not up there with the people on my feed to seem to update every hour, but going from 0 or 1 update a day to 4 was definitely a leap up. I wanted the former boyfriend to witness my torment and feel guilty, and I wrote it all wittily and creatively to justify it to myself. I woke up, realised how pathetic I had been, deleted all the posts that referenced heartbreak and/or him cheating on me, and went back to once-a-day, not-crazy status updates.

    Of course, during that time, my best guy friend told me I had posted 42 times in 2 weeks and that he was hiding me from his feed because “posting that I was making lasagne was excessive.” Well, maybe…but sue me for being needy and emotional right now! Jerk! 😛

    • jenniewhite Says:

      Janie- Break ups are tough and our emotions often feel like a roller coaster. We eat ice cream, we cry, we sex up our clothes a little, and we update our Facebook statuses because these little things make us feel better. We all have our own methods to cope. If it’s Facebook statuses for you, who am I to judge? Personally, I am the cliche, I eat pints and pints of Ben & Jerrys. Yep, I am one of those girls.

    • nomoretmi Says:

      Janie, Definitely break-ups are hard but you did the wise thing by deleting status updates, lot of people don’t and it’s buried under Facebook updates. I went through similar things in life and decided to create a data mining application called nomoreTMI. nomoreTMI intends to get rid of TMI (Too Much Information) from your Facebook updates and give you the information that you are looking for.
      Please visit my campaign page to learn more about the project with short video:
      Your feedback will be very helpful.

  10. Not sure if you heard but there is a web site called Lamebook that posts these type of updates on a regular basis. It’s hilarious!.

    Personally, I get annoyed by people who are so attention starved on facebook. Yet I can’t stop reading it.

    I once wrote a post on my blog about facebook pet peeves. You might be interested in checking it out.

    • nomoretmi Says:

      I loved your blog post about facebook-pet-peeves. I had similar annoyances with Facebook and I bet many other do and decided to build a software to curb TMI out of Facebook so you will not need to read stupid messages like: ” Broke a nail this morning…FML, Woke up late for work. FML!” as you mentioned in the blog. You can see my short software video in action at:

      It will be wonderful to receive your feedback and support to make nomoreTMI project successful.

  11. kate Says:

    like everyone, i have way too many but have a hard time rejecting requests (unless they are a complete stranger).

    status updates have become a great way to help me cull my friend list.

    i find it more than simple to cut anyone who uploads a racist, overtly rude, sexist etc etc status update. it’s actually kind of liberating. who needs these people?

    • jenniewhite Says:

      Interesting, I’ve never heard it as a way to filter friends. As much as I am bashing people’s statuses, there are some people I can’t “hide” or “unfriend” because their statuses are that bad. They provide some kind of horrible entertainment. I know I sound like a horrible human being, but hey I am laughing…uncontrollably. One girl updates her status every time she takes a shower and also daily updates on how her diet is going. I can’t resist reading them and rotting my brain a little at each status.

  12. eQ Says:

    Some people just don’t get it.

    However FB has a lot of filtering options so I don’t notice the stuff too much. I agree with status updates. twitter is great in that sense because it is simply for updates.

    PS doing CFN post #3 on monday! How are you doing with campfire network?

    • jenniewhite Says:

      Oh eQ! Longtime no talk girl. Campfire, #3.. you should be running this thing! I am working on a two new blog launches so I haven’t really had time, which is a total bummer. I’ll be back in action soon though! Good luck, link me to it when you post it.

  13. is all about the awkwardness we’re rewarded with ever day by our friends status updates.

    People used to have bad brain to mouth filters. Now it’s a brain to facebook filter that people need to adjust.

  14. I completely agree with this your thoughts. I don’t generally post random status messages on facebook and I hate when the messages that I want to really read gets burried under some inconsequential posts. I am really not interested in reading that “Joe just cut his toe-nails” or “Samantha just woke up”. I keep scrolling to read the stuff that I am interested and lot of time I log out seeing all inconsequential messages. People just use (misuse?) the Facebook on their will.

  15. nomoretmi Says:

    Interesting blog. I had the same questions about Facebook status messages. I wanted to find a solution for the same through data mining algorithms. After working for several months, I created a solution called nomoreTMI. nomoreTMI intends to get rid of TMI (Too Much Information) from your Facebook updates and give you the information that you are looking for. Please visit my IndieGoGo campaign to see the product in action: My product is not launched yet and your comments and feedback will be very useful.

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