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Not About the Numbers Baby October 6, 2009

Filed under: twitter — jenniewhite @ 2:33 pm

Here’s my list of my favorite Tweeple who have under 1,000 followers. I guess some would call them the little guys of Twitter, I’d say the exact opposite. These guys and gals are working hard to produce some amazing content and honestly I enjoy reading their tweets the most. They’re all engaging and supportive, but each one adds a different ingredient to my Twitter feed.

So Drum roll please… The 2009 Greatest Tweeters Who Have Under 1,000 Followers:
Josh Groth
1. @JoshGroth
Josh knows how much I admire him. He probably thinks it’s a little creepy, but his blog is one of the most insightful and humorous ones out there. His tweets are exactly the same. He’s provides great links and awesome personal anecdotes.

2. @mikesplain 4394_1147710581150_1479120002_30373222_7646434_n
Mike is so engaging! He replies, he asks questions, and he’s really supportive! Which are three qualities that are admirable and crucial on Twitter. He’s also very knowledgeable when it comes to the music industry, blogging, and coding. I feel like I’ve known Mike my entire life.

IMG_00083. @LilMissSocMedia
Jayna Dinz is the sweetest girl on Twitter. She’s genuinely curious about other people and that’s what I love about her. She’s helpful, observant, and supportive all at the same time and those qualities parlay into real life as well.

4. @RDGarnetTwit54
This girl is refreshingly honest and bold. Her tweets are “fierce” as Tyra would say. Ok get this guys, Cheila actually personally thanked all of her followers! No Auto-DMs, she went to directly to each follower and thanked them. Now that is what Twitter is all about and Cheila gets that.

me_at_park5. @jackieadkins
Now I know this is a post about Twitter, but I just have to give props to Jackie’s blog The Curbside Marketer. It’s visually…AWESOME. The posts are always easy to read and understand. Jackie is going places, there’s no doubt about it. His Twitter stream is just as fantastic as his blog. You know what it is? Jackie is just easy to talk to.


6 Responses to “Not About the Numbers Baby”

  1. cheila Says:

    OMG! My day was going down hill and this post turned my into sunshine. I feel flattered. 🙂 Thanks Jennie. I really feel the love. 🙂

  2. jenniewhite Says:

    Oh Cheila, you definitely deserve it. I speak the truth!! I am glad I could cheer up your day a tiny bit. I always look forward to reading your stuff; tweets and blog posts. Keep up the fantastic work.

  3. this is such a sweet post! i love your descriptions 🙂

    • jenniewhite Says:

      Thanks so much Becky, I really appreciate it. I’ve been enjoying your tweets lately too, so glad we’re Twitter buddies!

  4. Mr. Apron Says:

    Under 1,000 followers are the “Little Guys of Twitter?”

    My God– this just goes to show I have no f’ing idea how or why this thing works.

    God save the blog.

    • jenniewhite Says:

      Well I said in my post that I think they get the reputation of being the “little guys”. I don’t agree with that stereotype, these five people are in my “Must Read” column in Tweetdeck.

      Twitter is one of those things that takes time getting used to. If you like blogging, I’d suggest you’d give Twitter a good try. It’s a great way to find people who have similar interests or are looking to debate. It’s also a easy way to promote your blog.

      I’ll help you! Thx for the comment.

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