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The Campfire Network Round 2 September 2, 2009

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“Not just s’more stories, but conversations.”

Think back to the last time you sat around a campfire, whether it was at summer camp or just a miserable camping trip with them family; campfires just make everything better. People open up, they share, they listen at campfires. I mean your in the middle of the woods, who’s there to judge? Thom Ransom from Ransom Note and I came up with the idea for The Campfire Network. We want bloggers to talk to each other and really get into each others thoughts, but more importantly we’re looking for you to have conversations. So find another blogger, swap questions, and feature your partners answers on your blog.

So I met eQ (awesome name, huh?) on 20 Something Bloggers and she was feeling The Campfire Network, so we swapped some pretty heavy questions. It would be safe to say that we each got one question we were a little nervous to answer. All I knew about eQ is that she lives in Manhattan and she blogs at Blogging Banana. Turns out eQ is a really cool chick, who is not afraid to voice her thoughts. She also picked out pictures to emphasize each point! Without further delay, here’s what she had to say:

Jennie: You have to choose one mental illness to live with for the rest of your life. What would it be?
Paris Syndrome.

According to #7 on the Top 10 Bizzare Mental Disorders “Paris syndrome is a condition exclusive to Japanese tourists and nationals, which causes them to have a mental breakdown while in the famous city.” Of course, I am not Japanese so I couldn’t get this syndrome as defined in these terms but still, I couldn’t very well answer this question with Dementia or Alzheimer’s now could I? Sometimes I think I have multiple personalities though.

Jennie: Your father is on life support after a major accident (think Terri Schiavo) it’s your choice: Do you keep him on life support or take him off?
Gosh, this is awkward. My father left us when I was 8 to run off with some tramp. I can’t say that I would care too much about whether or not he was a vegetable. I equate my father to a complete stranger. I know nothing about him or his life other than the fact he is a bastard. I hold a lot of anger and resentment with him and I should probably see someone about it, I know this. I do hope he has changed and found peace within himself after so nonchalantly walking away from a wife of 13 years and 3 adolescent children. So I would leave that decision to whoever in his life actually cares.

I empathize for anyone who may have had to go through this. I can’t imagine being in that position and I hope I would be able to find the strength to make the appropriate decision for all involved if this were to ever happen to me.

Jennie: At what point in your life did you feel the most emotional pain and angst?
There were several moments in my life thus far that have been turning points or have been instrumental in shaping me. One of the most important ones was the few months I was single between my ex and my current BF. I tend to be pretty reckless when I am single which is why I am a serial monogamist. My BF changed my life. He is my rock and I cannot imagine my life without him. However in the beginning he wanted nothing to do with me and I cried a hell of alot. In fact he told me that he didn’t want a girl and that he was holding out for this other girl he kind of liked. For some bizarre reason this made me want him more. Looking back I can’t see wtf I saw in him. He was the most complex person I had ever met which in turn caused me so much angst and emotional pain, but fuck if I knew that at the time, I was just so infatuated with him! Love truly is blind. Luckily we made it through some turbulent times and are in our sixth year together. Which goes to show that not all love stories have such a happy beginning.

Jennie: Are you planning on or living the American dream; white picket fence, golden retriever, 2 kids, perfect husband & killer bank account?
I plan on living my own version of the American dream as defined by me, myself and I. As per your description Jennie:

* White picket fence: Probably not. My taste in Architecture tends to be more in line with modernism and a white picket fence doesn’t fit into this style. Perhaps a nicely landscaped perimeter with rocks and meticulously manicured bushes would be acceptable.
* Golden retriever: No. I don’t prefer longhaired dogs. I see in my future: 2 bulldogs and maybe a tough fucker like a pit bull or German Shepard
* 2 kids: Yes, I’m aiming for 2 boys. I don’t think I can handle a girl, even though baby girls make my heart melt.
* Perfect husband: Common Jennie! Let’s get real. To the women who have actually married the quintessential “perfect” man I sure hope you enjoy a life of boredom and feeling less significant than your husband. Flaws are what spice up life.
* Killer bank account: Hmmmm. Now by killer bank account do you mean a bank account that has the power to actually kill someone? Because I gotta say, I’m not very comfortable with that idea. Or do you mean an endless supply of money? Now that wouldn’t be so bad! Lots of cash does have a way of changing people though, so I guess I would want just enough to live comfortably, get my loved ones out of debt, set up my kids college funds and donate yearly to some charitable causes. Anything more is just greedy.

Jennie: Ever heard about the Tao of Pooh? Which character are you?

I have not heard of the Tao of Pooh. Are you a Pooh fan Jennie??? I did read about it though and also about the character descriptions but I don’t feel I fit any one charcter. If I must answer this then, I would go with Pooh based on this description from Just-Pooh

“Winnie the Pooh, a bear of very little brain, tends to be a bit on the slow side (his head is full of fluff, you know…a common occurrence among teddy bears) but his heart more than makes up for that.”
“He is gifted with an uncommon, clear-eyed wisdom. What is most important for Pooh is the well being, happiness and feelings of his friends.”

I tend to be pretty stupid most of the time. I embrace it. I also am the biggest cheerleader in my friends’ lives. I wish them all the happiness in the world, because a happy friend only adds to the joy in my own life.


17 Responses to “The Campfire Network Round 2”

  1. Thomas Ransom Says:

    Right on Jennie. Do your stuff.

  2. eQ Says:

    Wow, this eQ person is just so awesome. I wish I could be like her!


    Thanks girl. Had fun!

  3. Jessilyn Says:

    This was a really interesting blog post. What a great idea!

  4. jenniewhite Says:

    Thanks Jessilyn! You should do it to, find another blogger ans swap questions! You’ll have fun, let me know if you have any questions. See you on 20sb!

  5. Anastasia B. Says:

    That sounds like so much fun to do! Awesome post!

    xo Anastasia B.

  6. Cheila Says:

    Im loving this!!!! Awesome, you guys are AWESOME!

  7. jenniewhite Says:

    Anastasia and Cheila,

    Thanks so much guys! You two are the best! You guys should join the campfire network as well, let Thom or me know if you have any questions. I’ll talk to you guys soon.

  8. now i’m longing for a campfire… good post!

  9. Mr. Apron Says:

    Paris Syndrome, huh?

    Do you think Parisians ever get Tokyo Syndrome?

    I’ll bet nobody gets Albany Syndrome.

  10. eQ Says:

    When you gonna blog again jennie???

    Doing my round 2 CFN post this weekend.

    • jenniewhite Says:

      Ahh eQ, I know! I’ve been horrible. I am currently going through a blog make-over, kind of like what you recently did! Also once again writers block, ok and a little bit of laziness strikes again. Hope your doing well, love your new blog by the way!

  11. This is a great idea. 🙂 Much love.

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