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Status Update December 8, 2009

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Oh hey guys! Just want to let you know that I am going to be taking a little break from Generation You. Just a little one I promise! I am writing over at BostInnovation. It is a young and fun tech blog covering the start up scene in Boston.

I’ll return to Generation You once I get me my feet on the ground over there.

Thanks for staying loyal!


Why Your Ego Is Driving Us Crazy November 19, 2009

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I have stayed quiet about this for quite sometime. I bit my tongue every time I saw a tweet or read a blog post that oozed a narcissistic ego. It’s cool, you follow forty people and have six hundred followers that deserves a pat on the back. You have thirty-five friend requests over at Facebook? Job well done sir. Except not. You are screaming out “I want to be listened to, I don’t want to listen to you.”

You’re teaching me everything I don’t want to be.

There are certain people’s egos who I ignore, because quite frankly they’re doing things that warrant an ego. There’s only one person who I can think of where that’s the case.

And no, if you admit to your egotistical ways it doesn’t make it any better. Egos are a huge turn-off. I don’t want to be your girlfriend if we are only talking about you. I don’t want to be your friend if you think the world revolves around you.

Unfortunately, social media breeds big egos. I love twitter, it’s a great resource. But, think about it you get to send YOUR thoughts out there. In turn people praise YOU and YOUR thoughts. C’mon every time you get an @ reply or retweet don’t you get a little ego boost? I do.

I keep it in perspective though. If people take the time to follow me, engage with me, read my blog, compliment me, and tell me I am God’s greatest creation (kidding on that last one). Then they deserve something in return. No, they don’t deserve it, they are worth it.

So easy there killer with the awesomesauce. Remember, you got 1,035 followers (who’s counting) because of us.

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When Your Facebook is TMI (Too Much Information) November 3, 2009

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You know those friends of yours on Facebook who have such awkward statuses that you know you should “hide” them, but you just can’t? They make you feel so uncomfortable, yet it’s become a total conversation piece with your best friends. Catch my drift? So far my (real life) friends and I have witnessed people’s break up statuses, pregnancy announcements, bodily functions, drunken ramblings, painful to do lists, meals, oh and who they just slept with.

So when does it go to far? Why do we post these insignificant blurbs. Because, we’re all attention hungry, dying for the infamous “like” or comment. We do it to feel loved and to spread our awesomeness. I’ll admit, I throw the occasional status update out there. They come in handy and I do love that like button. I do it in moderation, my daily musings, thoughts, and findings are reserved for Twitter. Facebook gets a status from me about once or twice every two weeks.
Facebook statuses have become a key component in the networking site. There are 45 million statuses a day. Yeah I’ll give you that, they’re a big deal. Think about it though, do you really want to share with your 700 friends that your boyfriend is a total scumbag? Share things that you think will add value to people’s mini-feed/live-feed/news-feed/whatever they’re calling it today. Share things that are funny, send the occasional shout-out to your bff, share causes you believe in, congratulate people, let people know what’s exciting about your life.

Oh yes and it is totally mandatory to somehow make your status reference to your birthday on your birthday. Once Facebook moved the birthdays down to the bottom, our “happy birthday” wall posts took a major beating. My crush from the 9th grade no longer wishes me happy birthday, but I might just have a chance if I hint to it in my status.

Guys, our pictures, favorite movies, and relationship status are all up on Facebook for the world to see. Is it really necessary for our latest drunken escapades to be plastered up there as well? Remember, our moms our on Facebook now. Yeah, things just got real awkward.

Are you a compulsive status updater? Then defend yourself here, I want to get your side of the story.

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The Manifesto of Your Perspective October 26, 2009

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The 6th Annual Blog Swap is going on over at 20 Something Bloggers and I was partnered with Kelvin Oliver who blogs over at Moments in Time. Interested in a manifesto? Kelvin’s writing about it here, enjoy!

I realized that this blog is called Generation You within the title is the noun you.. So I imagine that what Jennie writes relates to you. Whether she is talking about social media or the skills that employers are looking for in the young crowd and even if she is sharing her opinion about an issue that she is passionate about, it may relate to the generation that includes you. I imagine that there are many conversations that may spark from Jennie writers and the comments that readers leave on here. Keeping in mind with what I have said so far, I had to think about how I wanted to write a post for the 6th 20SB Blog Swap. So I have decided to write about having a manifesto.

A manifesto can be written for different reasons whether it is a goal to life, or if there is a need for a change, and even if its something that help us political wise. The manifesto, in general, can motive in some way or another to expand our ideas and broaden the horizon of building a better society and change communities to reach for the goal of teamwork. A manifesto can be a plan to change our view of the world, a document that will allows everyone to get up and do something about an issue that is very important in their lives.

For example, in this country, on a broaden perspective that are goals and documents set out to help everyone near and far. There are also plans that are more personally and sought out on a smaller scale. These documents may be written out by a person, a group of people, or they can be written out for a business. This compact is something that is called a manifesto. A manifesto can be written for different reasons whether it is a goal to life, or if there is a need for a change, and even if its something that help us political wise. It is important that we have some sort of plan to what we want to have in life and how we feel about our society.


Boy! You’re Drinking Out of a BPA Free Bottle…I May Have a Crush! October 15, 2009

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As a college student I know I am supposed to be “green.” I mean we’re a bunch of environmental loving, hippies, right? The problem is, college students are talking the talk, but not walking the walk. I’ll be the first to admit that I am downright lazy when it comes to things like recycling. I mean the climate change isn’t going to effect me that much right? My grandchildren will probably be the first one’s to suffer. That’s the problem right there!

I want you to put yourself in your grandma and grandpa’s shoes. Yes, put yourself in those ugly, white tennis shoes. Imagine yourself sitting on your LazyBoy reclining chair and watching your grandchildren play…inside. That’s right your grandchildren won’t be able to play wiffleball or play house outside. Instead they’ll be trapped in the confines of your house.

Ok, now come back to reality and leave your grandparent’s shoes for 50 years down the road. Look, climate change and damage isn’t going away, but if you want to have the opportunity to send your your little grandson, Sam out to play here’s a a few things YOU can do to make that happen.

1) Drinking bottled water isn’t cool anymore. I mean from Wal Mart to the freakin’ laundromat they sell cool water bottles. I know they’re a pain and we actually have to turn the faucet on and fill them up. Think about how hip everyone is going to think you are? Drinking out of that snazy Nalgene. Speaking from a girl’s perspective; guys if your drinking out of non-plastic water bottle I will totally want to date you. If your insisting on drinking out of those plastic bad-boys, then please walk five feet to the nearest recycling bin and dispose of them there.

2) Alright we all drive, but the newness of your license probably wore off like 6 years ago. Guys, just don’t idle your car! If your waiting for your friend to pick up your taco from the local joint downtown, just turn the engine off.

3) Now since I am total geek I have to include a technology suggestion in here. Generation Y especially, goes through cell phones and iPods like they’re underwear. Just don’t throw them away. Like you would with the plastic water bottle, find a recycling center for you cell phones and computers. Here’s a website to help you with that: See guys I got your back.

Alright, let’s work on this together. I’ll try really hard not be a hypocrite and take my own suggestions. Let me know how your doing and feel free to add any of your own suggestions.

**This post is for Blog Action Day 2009. The topic is climate change!


Not About the Numbers Baby October 6, 2009

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Here’s my list of my favorite Tweeple who have under 1,000 followers. I guess some would call them the little guys of Twitter, I’d say the exact opposite. These guys and gals are working hard to produce some amazing content and honestly I enjoy reading their tweets the most. They’re all engaging and supportive, but each one adds a different ingredient to my Twitter feed.

So Drum roll please… The 2009 Greatest Tweeters Who Have Under 1,000 Followers:
Josh Groth
1. @JoshGroth
Josh knows how much I admire him. He probably thinks it’s a little creepy, but his blog is one of the most insightful and humorous ones out there. His tweets are exactly the same. He’s provides great links and awesome personal anecdotes.

2. @mikesplain 4394_1147710581150_1479120002_30373222_7646434_n
Mike is so engaging! He replies, he asks questions, and he’s really supportive! Which are three qualities that are admirable and crucial on Twitter. He’s also very knowledgeable when it comes to the music industry, blogging, and coding. I feel like I’ve known Mike my entire life.

IMG_00083. @LilMissSocMedia
Jayna Dinz is the sweetest girl on Twitter. She’s genuinely curious about other people and that’s what I love about her. She’s helpful, observant, and supportive all at the same time and those qualities parlay into real life as well.

4. @RDGarnetTwit54
This girl is refreshingly honest and bold. Her tweets are “fierce” as Tyra would say. Ok get this guys, Cheila actually personally thanked all of her followers! No Auto-DMs, she went to directly to each follower and thanked them. Now that is what Twitter is all about and Cheila gets that.

me_at_park5. @jackieadkins
Now I know this is a post about Twitter, but I just have to give props to Jackie’s blog The Curbside Marketer. It’s visually…AWESOME. The posts are always easy to read and understand. Jackie is going places, there’s no doubt about it. His Twitter stream is just as fantastic as his blog. You know what it is? Jackie is just easy to talk to.


The Campfire Network Round 2 September 2, 2009

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“Not just s’more stories, but conversations.”

Think back to the last time you sat around a campfire, whether it was at summer camp or just a miserable camping trip with them family; campfires just make everything better. People open up, they share, they listen at campfires. I mean your in the middle of the woods, who’s there to judge? Thom Ransom from Ransom Note and I came up with the idea for The Campfire Network. We want bloggers to talk to each other and really get into each others thoughts, but more importantly we’re looking for you to have conversations. So find another blogger, swap questions, and feature your partners answers on your blog.

So I met eQ (awesome name, huh?) on 20 Something Bloggers and she was feeling The Campfire Network, so we swapped some pretty heavy questions. It would be safe to say that we each got one question we were a little nervous to answer. All I knew about eQ is that she lives in Manhattan and she blogs at Blogging Banana. Turns out eQ is a really cool chick, who is not afraid to voice her thoughts. She also picked out pictures to emphasize each point! Without further delay, here’s what she had to say:

Jennie: You have to choose one mental illness to live with for the rest of your life. What would it be?
Paris Syndrome.

According to #7 on the Top 10 Bizzare Mental Disorders “Paris syndrome is a condition exclusive to Japanese tourists and nationals, which causes them to have a mental breakdown while in the famous city.” Of course, I am not Japanese so I couldn’t get this syndrome as defined in these terms but still, I couldn’t very well answer this question with Dementia or Alzheimer’s now could I? Sometimes I think I have multiple personalities though.

Jennie: Your father is on life support after a major accident (think Terri Schiavo) it’s your choice: Do you keep him on life support or take him off?
Gosh, this is awkward. My father left us when I was 8 to run off with some tramp. I can’t say that I would care too much about whether or not he was a vegetable. I equate my father to a complete stranger. I know nothing about him or his life other than the fact he is a bastard. I hold a lot of anger and resentment with him and I should probably see someone about it, I know this. I do hope he has changed and found peace within himself after so nonchalantly walking away from a wife of 13 years and 3 adolescent children. So I would leave that decision to whoever in his life actually cares.

I empathize for anyone who may have had to go through this. I can’t imagine being in that position and I hope I would be able to find the strength to make the appropriate decision for all involved if this were to ever happen to me. (more…)